The Medal Count, Ctd

Screen shot 2012-08-13 at 10.27.41 AM

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

Just to keep things in perspective: If the European Union were counted as one country – similar in size to the USA and in economic size to the US and China – it would have the following number of medals (as of August 10):

Gold: 77
Silver: 86
Bronze: 90

Total: 253

This is 24 more than the US, China, and Russia combined.

The above image, from, is the final tally of the top 8 countries, and while the reader's numbers have shifted since Friday, the overall point remains. Update from a reader:

Your reader's comment needs to include the following point: If the EU were one country, they'd only get one team in the team sports like volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, and water polo, and two or three entrants in the individual sports. They probably couldn't accumulate a medal haul of 253 because they couldn't get that many competitors and teams in the various sports.