Ad War Update: Romney Fires The First Shot Over Medicare?

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 14 2012 @ 8:00pm

by Chas Danner

His campaign claims that Obama is the one seniors have to fear:

Of course the only problem is that the ad's implication is completely false. The number is correct – $716 billion is how much Obamacare cuts from Medicare spending – but the ad implies this is some kind of cut to Medicare recipient's benefits; it's not. Pema Levy explains:

Cuts made in the Affordable Care Act are to future growth and come from reimbursement reductions to hospitals, Medicaid prescription drugs and private insurance plans under Medicare Advantage. Ryan’s cuts come from shifting Medicare from its current form to subsidies for seniors to buy care themselves.

The Ryan plan also makes the same cuts, only by instituting a voucher program, all of which Romney is trying to murky-up by saying he'll put that $716 billion "back". The bottom line is they're spinning another whopper here, just like in the welfare ads. The Obama campaign hasn't released a Medicare TV ad of its own yet; they are instead targeting young voters with a new five-state ad about student loans:

Kevin Liptak explains how the Obama campaign is linking Romney to the Ryan budget:

In supporting the claim that Romney "could cut college aid for nearly ten million students," Obama's campaign points to analysis of the proposed House GOP budget that would cut funding for federally-subsidized Pell grants. Romney has not said whether or not he would support that aspect of the plan, which was proposed by his new running mate, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.

Team Obama also released a web video pushing back more on Romney's welfare attacks. Elsewhere, the RNC has a couple new TV ads up online, with the typical caveat that they said "the television ads would begin airing immediately, but did not indicate the size of the buy or where it would air." One retreads the "it worked" BS, while the other aims to disenchant voters with the president's job performance vs. the "hope" of his campaign:

In outside spending news, Koch-funded Super PAC Americans For Prosperity brings out some '08 Obama voters in a softer approach TV ad that seems to be another effort by the GOP to give people permission to not vote for Obama again. They are putting $7 million behind it in eleven states – and note the one minute length:

Lastly, Democratic Super PAC American Bridge put out a web video that has some fun with Congressman Ryan's tax shelter line from Sunday's 60 Minutes:

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