How Do Ryan’s Cuts Compare With Sequestration?

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 14 2012 @ 10:34am


by Gwynn Guilford

Jared Bernstein puts Ryan's budget cut proposals in some useful context:

[L]ook at all the arguing around the sequestration—the automatic cuts scheduled to take effect next year.  Though there focus is exclusively the defense cuts, R[epublican]s in particular are fighting these cuts, including members who voted for them!  All the sudden, government spending is critically important for jobs!

Well, that holds for non-defense spending too, and it holds times a factor of three (see figure) for the cuts in the Ryan budget. So when you hear that we can cut taxes trillions beyond the Bush cuts, increase defense spending, and make up for it all by cutting spending and closing loopholes, think about the dust up were into right now over scheduled cuts majorities in both parties actually voted for.