Is Elizabeth Warren Underperforming?

by Patrick Appel

Alec MacGillis thinks so:

One of Brown’s great advantages is that he has lived in Massachusetts virtually his entire life, and he never lets you forget it. He can be seen at opening day at Fenway Park; he’ll buy time on the Red Sox network to bid farewell to retiring players. Andrea Nuciforo Jr., a former Democratic state senator from Pittsfield who is running for Congress, recalls seeing Brown in action at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Sturbridge: “He talked about the Patriots, the Red Sox, and the weather.”

Kornacki counters:

[I]t’s unfair to say that Warren is flailing, or even underperforming. This has been an even race for nearly a year, and all of the evidence we have says it still is. And if you’d told Democrats a year ago that their candidate would be tied with Brown three months before Election Day, they would have been ecstatic.