The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 14 2012 @ 10:30pm

Hot ticket
by Gwynn Guilford

Today on the Dish, as the blogosphere debated how the Medicare Wars will play out, Wasserman-Schulz misfired her opening salvo. Nicole Gelinas proposed loophole-closing, Nate Cohn analyzed the senior vote and Ryan didn't trade insider-ly. Nate Silver forecast middling polling for Ryan as Jared Bernstein contextualized the magnitude of Ryan's budget cuts and Romney talked dirty in Spanish. And though it may have been Romney who tapped Ryan, Google users certainly wished they had.

Virginia Postrel endorsed The Perot Method, Warren flailed and Barney defended Dodd-Frank. And while a historian explained why Clinton will never be great, Douthat took on the Mormon business theology thing.

Fevered nationalism formed one of China's cornerstones, Mexico struggled with specificity in memorializing the Drug War and The Jeffersons resonated with Iranian wit. Sushi nearly decimated the world's blue tuna population, Art De Vany applied the Pareto principle to workouts and the medal count hangover continued.

In shark-related coverage, Ashley Fetters investigated the origin of Shark Week, while old shark-tooth weapons revealed dwindling biodiversity. The world's organ shortage endured, the web christened a bug, and climate change spiked heatstrokes among football players. The Swede version of Telephone involved the Interwebs, Sue Savage-Rumbaugh explained proper bonobo-raising and Maastricht's pot crackdown caused the rise in black market-trade, shockingly.

And while water diluted drunk-person pee, winning bred more winning. VFYW contest here, Julia Child remix here and Maine, as usual, was breathtaking.