Hot Tickets

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 14 2012 @ 5:51pm


by Gwynn Guilford and Patrick Appel

The way Romney's boxy jacket hung from the Boy Wonder's shoulders reminds one that there's more to a ticket than who's flogging the bigger tax cut. Jordan Carr surveys recent history, ranking the last 40 years of presidential tickets based on levels of sexual tension. Romney-Ryan only came in at 17th, but Google's recent search results suggest that they should be higher on the list: 

According to the good people at Google, the most common search term tied to Ryan was “vice president”. The second most common was “shirtless”. Some context helps explain the massive interest in seeing Ryan in a stage of undress. He is a workout fanatic and an acolyte of P90X, the rigorous core training regimen that has come into vogue in recent years. … Ryan is also a former personal trainer who prides himself on keeping his body fat in single digits.