Your Moment Of Mitt

by Chas Danner

Univision passes along a scene from Romney's visit to Miami yesterday:

Romney received a warm welcome to Miami Monday on Radio Mambí, a station that caters to Cuban exiles. Romney had an appearance at a Miami juice shop (owned by a convicted drug dealer) later in the day and the host told the GOP candidate, "They’re waiting for you with a mamey and a guayaba — Cuban fruits — here in Miami, do you like those?"

"I am a big fan of mango, papaya, and guava," Romney said. The hosts chuckled and added, "There are mangos there too." We’re not sure if the host and translator laughed with Romney in his moment of candor, at the fact that he added mango and papaya to the list, or that the former is Cuban slang for "vagina."

(Hat tip: Andrew Kaczynski)

Update from a reader:

Just to be clear, papaya is the slang for vagina or more accurately, cunt.  The Cubans call the fruit "fruta de bomba".  Before I knew this I sent a Cuban waiter in Puerto Rico into paroxysms of embarrassment by trying to order "papaya fresca".  Since he didn't understand that I was trying to get fresh papaya instead of canned, he had to keep asking me what I was saying and I kept repeating "papaya fresca" louder and louder.  The poor guy's face resembled a fruta de bomba by the time he figured out what I was after.