by Chas Danner

As mentioned yesterday, a new dark-money 501(c)(4) named the Special Operations Education Fund has released a web ad(ocumentary) called "Dishonorable Disclosures" to attack President Obama over the Bin Laden op. In less than 24 hours the video has more than 200K views on YouTube. Battleground TV-length versions are apparently on the way as well. John Hinderaker gushes:

It is dynamite: the production values are excellent, and the message is overpowering. The video is 22 minutes long, but trust me: it is riveting, and goes fast. You should watch the whole thing, to appreciate how dishonorable the Obama administration is when it comes to national security.

Joyner, who thinks it won't have any impact on the race, yawns:

The film is very slick in terms of production values, looking very much like something produced by one of the major television networks. But the pacing and message are rather weak, compounded by overwrought dialog and Shatneresque delivery. The links between the importance of good intelligence of military operations, the sacrifices made by those who serve in the armed forces, and the Obama administration’s leaks of classified information are, at best, tenuous. Nor, frankly, are they unique; politically motivated leaks have been standard operating procedure in Washington for decades.

TAP's Jamelle Bouie is equally unimpressed, calling the video "the worse-ever attempt at swiftboating." The Guardian has done a side by side analysis of the OPSEC video to the original swiftboat video.