Ad War Update: The YouTube Campaign

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 17 2012 @ 6:16pm

by Chas Danner

Pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA has released a new six-state web ad hitting Romney/Ryan with tax rhetoric regarding both Romney's 13% statement and the Ryan budget:

Speaking of such web ads, while TV ad spending is still going very strong this cycle, Katy Steinmetz shares some new data that indicates political web ads are gaining ground in terms of spending and reach:

According to data from Visible Measures, a video analytics outfit, online ads pushed by presidential backers had hit more than 70 million views as of August 1. Team Obama’s videos have yielded more than 32 million of those hits, one-fourth of which were paid for through sites like YouTube. That’s three times the amount of views the campaign had shelled out for two months before, says Visible Measures’ Matt Fiorentino, which means the campaign is spending more time and money thinking about advertising efforts online. According to their data, Mitt Romney has spent less and reaped less. His campaign has paid for 2 million online ad views and has gotten 10 million total. Yet his super PAC backers–the same ones outspending liberal super PACs in traditional advertising–have driven about four times as many as their third-party counterparts.

Elsewhere, in light of today's Obama Medicare ad, the AARP released a statement reminding everyone they don't endorse the ad, or any candidates. Alexander Burns explains:

That's not a repudiation of the Obama ad or a walkback of the information contained in it, though the AARP does note that it'll be publishing a new voter guide later this month, and could weigh in again on Ryan and the rest at that point.

Meanwhile, Democrats are using Paul Ryan's entry into the race to link more downticket Republicans to his budget. Here is an ad along those lines from DCCC attacking Congressman Dan Benishek (R-MI) over Medicare:

The RNC on the other hand has a web video out trying to expand the outrage over Obama's lack of press availability (beyond the press corps, at least), and Martha Moore discovers that so far, PA just isn't getting that much ad spending. Then, in outside group news, has a new ad out attacking Romney with some outsourcing rhetoric, though there doesn't seem to be any information about where or how much it will be airing:

And Rove's Super PAC American Crossroads is offering their tongue-in-cheek endorsement of Joe Biden with a kind of Biden blooper reel:

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