From Etch-A-Sketch To Whiteboard

by Chas Danner

Mitt whipped out the whiteboard yesterday. Ginger Gibson passes along the rationale:

“I know there’s an effort by some people to try and bring as much confusion to the topic of Medicare as possible,” Romney said. “But I want to bring as much clarity as possible, so I’ve prepared a small chart here, which will describe differences in our respective plans for Medicare.” But after the 10-minute and 11-second news conference, Romney shed no new light on how he would overhaul the 47-year-old federal health care program for senior citizens and how (or if) his program differs from that of his running mate’s much-maligned proposal that is part of an effort to slash the federal budget deficit.

Elspeth Reeve says Romney isn't the wonk he pretends to be:

Romney has a reputation for loving data, as expressed through his love of PowerPoint. The PowerPoint presentation and the whiteboard are supposed to signal smart data-driven analysis. But the whole point is to actually show the data. Romney did not do that today, as you can see in this video  … Just because a campaign's talking points were written on a thing used to show details doesn't mean actual details were shown. 

And while the Obama campaign has responded with their own whiteboard, two different Tumblrs have already emerged to suggest some alternative content for Mitt's new prop: