Not The Fattest Nation On Earth

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 17 2012 @ 5:43pm

by Patrick Appel

A reader corrects the record:

"America is still #1."

I clicked on the link embedded in that sentence and read the article. No where in that article does it state or imply that the US is the fattest nation on Earth. It states that 35.7% of adults in the US are obese. But a quick Google search indicates that half of all adults in Qatar are obese. Another hit shows that the US is only ninth where the criterion is overweight or obese (BMI > 25), with the US (74.1%) not even close to the top 4, all of which are over 90%: Nauru (94.5%), Micronesia (91.1%), Cook Islands (90.9%), and Tonga (90.8%).

The study (pdf) showed that America is the fattest OECD country, not the fattest country. Apologies for the mistake.