Your Little Purring Murderer, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 17 2012 @ 8:58am

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

We got two kittens at the end of last year and I was soon at the end of my tether about the number of murdered birds they were bringing back to us as presents.  I searched Cat-bibshigh and low for an online solution and came across, which sells thin neoprene cat bibs recommended by the Audubon Society. Supposedly the bibs prevent cats from making the overarm pouncing motion necessary to catch birds, and disrupt the split second timing they need. I was desperate enough that I bought a couple. Yes, my cats do look like dorks, but no, they don’t seem to stop them running, jumping and climbing; and no they don’t object to wearing them (after the first few times, much like a dog on a leash).  And as far as we can tell the number of murdered birds and mice has diminished to almost zero. We now get ‘presents’ about once every 6 months instead of about once a day.  In addition the cats are more visible on the road and the bibs have proved to be invaluable for striking up conversations with neighbours.

I’m not in any way affiliated to the sellers, but since my cat owning life has been transformed I would love to see the bibs become more widely known and used. I blogged about my experiences here, which includes a pic of my dorky cats.

Seen above.