Ad War Update: Akin Loses His GPS

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 20 2012 @ 7:32pm

Over the weekend, the Obama campaign launched a new six-state TV ad attacking Romney-Ryan on women's issues:

One of those ad's claims is misleading; Romney doesn't oppose abortions in the case of rape or incest, though Ryan does. (The only kind of abortion Ryan doesn't oppose is when the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother.) Speaking of controversial views on abortion, as a result of his "legitimate rape" comment, Todd Akin has quickly lost the support of the national GOP and Rove's Crossroads GPS. Meanwhile, the Romney campaign is still trying to peddle its welfare lie about Obama (ad buy info is currently unknown):

The Romney campaign also released a web video touting a recent Ryan speech in Florida, while the Obama campaign rolled out a state-specific radio campaign:

Florida's spot focuses on Medicare, blasting Obama's rivals Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for proposing a plan that would allow private insurers to compete with traditional Medicare on an exchange. … Other states' radio ads spotlight different issues. In Iowa, clean energy is the focus. Obama slammed Romney for his stance on wind energy when he campaigned in Iowa at the beginning of last week. Nevada voters will hear radio spots focusing on housing, and in New Hampshire – where Romney and Ryan are campaigning Monday – Obama's campaign is running spots hitting the Republican ticket for their position on federally subsidized Pell Grants for higher education. Other battleground states in the Obama radio buy include North Carolina, where veterans' support services are the focus; Ohio, whose ad also hits Romney and Ryan for their position on Pell Grants; and Virginia, where ads will run focusing on road and infrastructure projects.

Elsewhere, pro-Romney Restore Our Future is dropping $10.5 million in all eleven battleground states to hit Obama over the economy:

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