Ad War Update: Targeting The Kochs

The Romney campaign puts out yet another attack falsely claiming that Obama is gutting welfare reform, this time using the biography of a Hispanic man:

It's worth noting that these ads continue to rely on right-wing sources such as the Heritage Foundation and the National Review, in all their epistemic closure. Meanwhile, the DNC has two new web ads out today, one hitting Romney on his student loan policies and the other bringing up the tax return issue again – seen here:

In outside spending news, two pro-Dem groups, Super PAC Majority PAC and its "non-profit" extension, Patriot Majority USA, have dropped $1.6 million into four states attacking GOP Senate candidates. Even more interesting, however, is that Patriot Majority USA is also running $500K worth of ads that specifically target the Koch brothers:

Lastly, Senate candidate Tim Kaine (D-VA) is out with his first TV ad this cycle, the start of a $4.5 million ad campaign:

By the way, the apology ad from Todd Akin that we ran this morning now has $150K behind it through August 27th.

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