Todd Akin And Dominionism

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 22 2012 @ 1:30pm

Along with John C Willke, a key influence on Todd Akin is another giant in Christianist circles: James D Kennedy. Dish alum Zack Beauchamp is on the case, revealing that Akin "has deep ties to Reverend Kennedy, having cited some of his sermons as key intellectual influences and having been named in Kennedy’s book How Would Jesus Vote? as one of the Reverend’s 'favorite statesman.'"

Kennedy was a radical Dominionist, believing that the US Constitution is inferior in its view of government to the Bible. But Zack has homed in on his views on rape and abortion:

In “Abortion: Myths and Realities,” Kennedy labels victims of rape who chose unsafe abortions when safer procedures are illegal “hysterical,” saying “We are told by some of the radical feminists that the women will become hysterical, that they will abort themselves with coat hanger.” … Though not specifically addressing rape, Kennedy approvingly cited a Roman prohibition on abortion motivated by the idea that husbands should have control over women’s reproductive choice, saying “That newly created life is as much the husband’s as it is the wife’s. Historically, it is interesting to note that when the Roman Empire did away with laws that allowed abortion, it was done not because of the woman or the harm that abortions were doing to women (and indeed they do vastly more harm than most people are aware of), but because the husband was being defrauded of his progeny.” Interestingly, Akin has worried that criminalizing marital rape provides women “a legal weapon to beat up on the husband.”

Next week's convention will be a huge attempt to keep these views and voices from penetrating the public consciousness. But they are at the heart of the GOP base, which is now no more than an irrational, fundamentalist insurgency against modernity.