Why Don’t The Young Vote?

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 22 2012 @ 9:40am

The Onion spotlights Republican support from seniors:

On the other side of the demographic divide, Ann Beeson notes that the young "can be enthusiastic volunteers and organizers but tepid voters":

The missing link between issue advocacy and voting struck me forcefully when I discovered that many of the young women who rallied recently at the state capitol to protest Gov. Rick Perry’s attack on Planned Parenthood hadn’t voted in the 2010 gubernatorial election. They had skipped a step in the policymaking process that might’ve kept them out of the heat – voting out a leader willing to risk women’s lives to score political points. I’ve also met plenty of bike-riding young people who are passionate about saving the environment, fanatic about composting, obsessed with their carbon footprint — but they don’t vote either.

Youth apathy could hurt Obama this election:

In 2008, Mr. Obama tapped more deeply into the universe of "unlikely voters" than almost all candidates that preceded him, garnering a significant number of votes from groups like young voters and minorities who have a low propensity to turn out. But he may not repeat that success this year. In almost every swing state that tracks voter registration by party, the share of voters who are registered as Democrats is down from four years ago.