China’s Sexual Education

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 24 2012 @ 9:17am

Dan Levin explains how the explosion of social media in China – a country with a retrograde sex ed system – "is fueling a sexual revolution the government is unable to stifle":

"People like to get off and [China's Twitter] Weibo makes that easy if you know where to look," said Lu, 21, a university student who asked that his full name not be printed to protect his identity. Not only has social media given him a cram course in sex education, it’s dispelled the government-touted myth that his countrymen are far more chaste than, say, the Japanese, who are renowned for their myriad, if pixelated, perversions. "It’s shocking what some Chinese girls will show online, but you won’t hear me complaining," he said.

Levin explains how improving technology is giving horny users a leg-up over the propaganda bureau:

While censors remove many smutty posts, the rapid-fire nature of Weibo and other social media sites make this technology far more resilient than just blocking a URL. "Websites are easy to control but Weibo is limitless," said Pan Suiming, director of research on sexuality and gender at Renmin University in Beijing. As social media has gone mobile, so has cruising. Like Grindr, the gay app that shows users the photos and locations of nearby users, China is awash in GPS-loaded apps that make it, um, easy, to  find a "date" on the go.

But, as Anthony Tao notes, censorship is only one tool the Chinese government uses to sexually repress citizens:

China has been abuzz over orgies recently, thanks to a set of scandalous pictures that surfaced last week featuring three pairs of swingers…. Amid speculation (since dispelled) that the men were high-ranking government officials, one of the men, Wang Yu, confessed to being in the photos, and he and his wife have since been fired from their [state] jobs and expelled from the Communist Party.