A Poem For Saturday

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 25 2012 @ 2:55pm


An untitled poem by J.V. Cunningham:

I write only to say this,
In a syllabic dryness
As inglorious as I feel:
Sometime before drinking time
For the first time in some weeks
I heard of you, the casual
News of a new life, silence
Of unconfronted feeling
And maples in the slant sun
The gay colour of decay.
Was it unforgivable,
My darling, that you loved me?

(# 14 from the sequence "To What Strangers, What Welcome" from The Collected Poems and Epigrams of J.V. Cunningham © 1942, 1971 by J.V. Cunningham. This material is reprinted with the permission of Ohio University Press, http://www.ohioswallow.com. Photo by Flickr user mikecpeck)