Faces Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 25 2012 @ 8:20pm


Judy Berman describes a cool new project:

What is the relationship between the real people who read fashion magazines and the images of model-perfection that pervade the publications’ ads? Even if we know that they represent something unattainable, it’s nearly impossible not to compare our own faces and bodies to their luxe, often romantic ideal. Photographers Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer dramatize this tension in a series called Knew Some of You Better Than Others, But I Miss You All, which we discovered via My Modern Met. In these self-portraits, Keller and Wittwer hold magazine closeups of models’ visages over their own faces, creating a striking contrast between real bodies and their digitally perfected counterparts. 

(Photo by Keller and Wittwer)