The Cutting-Edge Of Patent Law

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 27 2012 @ 7:09pm

Yglesias is saddened that "Apple should have a legal monopoly on the pinch-to-zoom feature" and thinks it's a "great example of how the modern-day patent system has gone awry":

Think about cars and you'll see that, of course, lots of different companies make cars. But they all have some very similar user interface elements. In particular, there's a steering wheel that you turn left and right to shift the wheels and there's a gas pedal and breaks that you hit with your right foot. Imagine if the way the automobile industry worked was that each car maker had to devise a unique user interface. So maybe GM cars would have a steering wheel, but Toyotas would have a joystick, and Honda you would steer with your feel and use your hands to control the gas and breaks.

Jesus Diaz differs:

The truth is that Apple's win only kills the shit smartphones and the unimaginative copycats who poop them out of their design boards busting with carbon paper. The people at Google, Samsung and HTC who thought "oh fuck this, let's all do the same."

Alexis rounds up more reaction.