Mental Health Break, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 27 2012 @ 6:02pm

You can never win with some readers:

About "trying to be more sports-friendly": in one of the areas where US women have made the most progress in recent years, you posted a video with, perhaps, 3 women out of 40, for a total of around 6 seconds out of 6 minutes or so.  When you post clips like that, and when you respond to legitimate criticism of how you treated Sally Ride, I trust you do not still also wonder why there aren’t more women readers of the Dish.

Another takes the time to provide clips:

What about this video of Wilma Rudolph breaking the 200m world record in 1960, or this video of Brandi Chastain kicking the winning goal at the '99 World Cup, or of course this video of Kerri Strug landing that incredible vault in '96.

And from this year's Olympics, which the Dish covered extensively, there is this video of the US women's 100m relay smashing the world record, this video of Ye Shiwen beating Ryan Lochte's medley split, and this video from Gabby Douglas' historic performance, to name just a few.