The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 27 2012 @ 10:30pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew analyzed the personal character of both Romney and Ryan, hailed The Economist's editorial on Romney and missed Hitch's jokes. After hailing the corner-turning in the culture war, he then lamented the extremism of the Republican Party, and as the American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed circumcision, Andrew stood firm in his opposition.

Chris Matthews went to town on Reince Priebus and the GOP, Issac threatened and
Barone observed how counterintuitive convention bounces can be. Moore-style Republican "documentaries" arrived, Hanna Rosin defended the convention tradition, Daniel McCarthy pilloried the GOP for its "mercenary fusionism," and Romney's birther joke raised reader hackles. Meanwhile, as the GOP kept going with its baseless welfare attack, Obama's team released its Tampa onslaught. And the first class warfare ad aired in 1912.

Looking abroad, an Israeli rabbi called for obliteration of the Iranian regime, Gideon Rachmann unhooked himself, and New Zealand announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan. And as Max Fisher explicated the subversive elements of "Gangnam Style," a readers reflected on the excruciation of cataloguing child pornography.

While Anthony Lane eulogized Neil Armstrong, the blogosphere debated another Armstrong's decision. Yglesias grumbled about the "pinch to zoom" verdict, Adam Frucci argued that sexy women were indeed funny and Jesse Bering discussed gay adaptation. And as Garret Keizer explained why privacy is sacred, farters met with punishment in some cultures. Andrew highlighted a bear culture slide-show, readers called "sexism" in Dish sports coverage and car sickness affected women more. Meanwhile, David Brancaccio investigated why we don't share our salaries, Kal Raustiala and Chris Sprigman mulled marijuana branding and snug clothes helped with weight loss.  Cute Andrew picture and anniversary shout-out here, MHB here, Cool Ad Watch here and VFYW here. And don't forget to vote on Ask Hanna Rosin anything!