The GOP And Us


Here's Kathleen Parker still reeling from a party platform that reeks of fear – of women, gays, immigrants, racial minorities, foreigners, Muslims, Medicaid recipients … well the list goes on:

There is something wrong with the Republican Party, the survival of which demands more than a few moments of self-examination and reflection. I wouldn’t use the word "stupid," though it is tempting. Suicidal seems more apt. The GOP, through its platform, its purity tests, pledges, and its emphasis on social issues that divide rather than unite, has shot itself in the foot, eaten said foot, and still managed to stampede to the edge of the precipice. Is extinction in its DNA?

This is indeed a party more extreme than any other right-of-center party in the West, a party whose social policy is dictated by the Bible, whose foreign policy is directed by the furthest-right faction in a foreign country (Israel), and whose economic policy is based on the notion that if you cut taxes massively and boost defense spending and only cut entitlements in twenty years, we can best tackle the debt.

But its candidate – who has ensured there is no daylight between him and the more rabid parts of his party – is neck and neck with a president still in the world of reality. The GOP's degeneration is its own fault; but that such a degenerate, irresponsible, ideologically extreme party is now, I believe, the favorite to win this election is a reflection not on them, but on us.

(Photo: llustration by Dress Code. Source Photos: John Giustina, Rubberball; Fotosearch; Emmanuel Dunand, AFP, and John Adkisson – all of Getty Images.)