Romney’s Faith, Front And Center, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 28 2012 @ 6:40pm

A reader writes:

What you won't hear is Mitt Romney's level of priesthood in the LDS church, which is "high priest." "Bishop" is a functional role, heading up a "ward" (like a diocese). Most males are ordained to a level of priesthood, however, which starts at deacon, proceeds to priest, then elder (most young missionaries are elders), and finally up to high priest. Not all active males make it to high priest.

Mitt is no longer a bishop, but he is still a high priest, and will be for the rest of this life and, Mormons believe, in the life to come. But "high priest" sounds a lot odder than "bishop," so those words will never come out of the Romney camp.

So far no readers have found a precedent for someone with that high a religious office running for president as the nominee of a major party. Let us know if you find one.