Ask Hanna Anything: Thoughts On The GOP’s Abortion Stance?

God knows the RNC was trying to court women last night. Hanna Rosin has a new book out, The End Of Men:

At this unprecedented moment, women are no longer merely gaining on men; they have pulled decisively ahead by almost every measure. Already “the end of men”—the phrase Rosin coined—has entered the lexicon as indelibly as Betty Friedan’s “feminine mystique,” Simone de Beauvoir’s “second sex,” Susan Faludi’s “backlash,” and Naomi Wolf’s “beauty myth” have. … Rosin reveals how the new world order came to be, and how it is dramatically shifting dynamics in every arena and at every level of society, with profound implications for marriage, sex, children, work, and more.

An excerpt from the book here. “Ask Anything” archive here.