Dissents Of The Day

A reader writes:

Do you have evidence that these were two Republican delegates at the convention?  The story you link to indicates it was two attendees.  Big difference.  And, maybe the reason that CNN is not making a big deal out of it is because they suspect that perhaps these attendees were not what they seem.  I mean, if you can take off your hate-the-modern-GOP goggles for just a moment, ask yourself which seems more plausible: actual delegates acting this way in an unprompted manor, or some left-leaning nutjobs deciding to crash the party and play to stereotypes about Republican racism. Please either confirm they were delegates, or print a correction.

We're still trying to confirm either way. Right now, better to say "convention delegates or attendees". We've fixed the original post for clarity. Another reader:

In a political contest too often focused on ginned-up outrage over minor or irrelevant issues, why would anyone focus on this one?

Of course the perpetrators were 100% wrong and out of line. There is no excuse for that much stupidity, much less the bigotry and simple bad manners. The RNC, for a change, did exactly the right thing. They immediately removed the (most likely drunk, although that isn't mentioned) miscreants, and clearly stated that their behavior was inexcusable and would not be tolerated. What else do you want them to do?

I agree with virtually everything you say about the Republican Party these days. I just think we need to keep the attention on real issues, not the childish and stupid actions of a couple of clowns who most likely represent West Podunk, Alabama and have never been to the big city before.

I didn't include an alleged incident of anti-Latino yelling for these reasons. Another:

It’s possible that CNN isn’t pursuing the story at the camerawoman’s request. As a rule, reporters don’t like becoming the story and camera people don’t like being in front of a camera.