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Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 29 2012 @ 12:43am

RNC dude day 1

Today on the Dish, Andrew explained why Clinton must "punch hard" and made the case that "every sane conservative" should vote for Obama. After Chait argued that the current GOP has met the end of its era, Andrew live-blogged the "historical second first day of the convention," as Colbert had it (upon whose show, incidentally, he appeared tonight).

Andrew also pondered Romney's willingness to embrace his role as a religious authoritah – particularly given that, as a reader pointed out, Romney's a "high priest." He then speculated on the RNC Thursday-night mystery guest as David Von Drehle considered Ann Romney's rhetorical approach.

In more convention coverage, Mark Thoma ranted about the GOP's self-defeating, hypocritical take on infrastructure spending, Dolan agreed to close out the DNC as well, and Shafer and Jarvis debated the value of conventions. While the blogosphere dissected the GOP's just-resurrected fixation on the gold standard, a Romney staffer poo-pooed fact-checking. But mind you, only partisans watched any of this.

Meanwhile, Mike Lofgren broke down the difference between income and payroll taxes, Monica Potts outlined five things governments do best and a pro-Obama super PAC released an ad on Romney's Massachusetts record.

Elsewhere in the world, Roy Robins took in the slaughter in South Africa, cartels ran money through big banks and a cancer sufferer shared her experience savoring sex. James Parker parsed "asshole," the frozen north melted and readers debunked Max Fisher's Psy interpretation. David Dow and Dylan Matthews weighed the value of harsh punishments, Chinese pigs rutted, and the eskimo-ified Ecce Homo drew adoring masses.

Boomers watched ever-more movies, readers aired views on Lance Armstrong, and Michael Wood analyzed Philip Larkin's "rear-guard nationalism." Readers then offered more views on condoms, Jesse Bering shed light on female ejaculation and the sun set ruddily. And while a syphilis outbreak plagued the porn industry, Jack Lowe judged coporate logo value and readers ultimately found Cork. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

– G.G.

(Photo: Peter Mackin, an alternate delegate from Michigan, prays during the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, Florida on Monday, August 27, 2012. By Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images.)