Ad War Update: The Bain Counteroffensive

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 30 2012 @ 6:36pm

The Romney campaign just released nine positively-charged web videos featuring testimonials (likely to be played at the convention tonight) about businesses saved by Romney and Bain. One video features Ray Fernandez celebrating Bain's help with his former employer, contact lens manufacturer Wesley Jessen:

Another of the nine videos features two women who say Romney saved their jobs when he took over Bain & Company Consulting:

Clearly this is Team Romney's most serious pushback over Bain, as the ads are essentially polar-opposite messages to those from Team Obama. The other videos feature: GOCOM CEO Ric Gorman, former Staples' Exec Ed Albertian, former Staples' Exec Jim MacDonald, Steel Dynamics Co-Founder Keith Busse, GT Bicycles's former CEO Mike Haynes, former Brookstone CEO Michael Anthony, and several executives from Alliance Laundry. The Obama campaign, meanwhile, is pushing back on Paul Ryan's lie-fest from last night:

They're also trying to pre-empt whatever Romney says tonight with this:

Meanwhile, the youth-oriented Super PAC Karl Rove formed with three other GOP orgs, Crossroads Generation, very quickly made a slick video around Ryan's fading Obama-poster line from last night:

In downticket news, Todd Akin, who is now tied with Claire McCaskill, has a new TV ad out trying to pivot off his "six second mistake" and turn it into an attack on McCaskill:

Lastly, Drudge:

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 4.28.16 PM

Yes, apparently Ann Coulter has gotten into the fact-checking business.

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