Christie’s Burst Balloon

In describing how Christie's speech borrowed heavily from Obama's 2004 convention address, Steve Coll draws some tart conclusions:

Christie said repeatedly, "Mitt Romney will tell us the hard truths." Really? Is that Romney’s reputation with voters, or is it Christie’s? The Governor also said, "Real leaders don’t follow polls. Real leaders change polls." That’s a terrific line—but who was it intended to promote? Was the "real leader" in question Romney in 2012 or Christie in 2016? Obama came to Boston as an unknown and left as a rising star. Christie came to Tampa as a rising star and obviously hoped to acquire Obama-like momentum as the Republican Party’s "truth teller," a more salable alternative in competitive "purple" states than Paul Ryan will be in the next election, if Romney loses this one…. But as Ryan showed in his superior speech on Wednesday night, there are more effective ways than Christie found to weave autobiography with partisan argument.