Cool Ad Watch

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 30 2012 @ 8:00am

Old Spice does it again, with a new campaign featuring the insanity of Terry Crews:

[F]ormer NFL player and action movie star Terry Crews is literally playing cacophonous "music" with his bulging muscles, yelling entertaining non sequiturs like "GIMME A HAT!" and "SAUSAGES!" … [A]t end of the performance, the video becomes interactive and viewers are invited to bang out their own ridiculous track on their QWERTY keyboards. The native Vimeo player lets users record and share their videos too, and the slick setup is fully embeddable.

Kasia also talked to Vimeo, who partnered with Old Spice, about all the interactive features:

In addition to the live video recording of Crews, the video is a composite of over 150 different elements. While the Flash player runs through the music video, it loads the interactive portion, which is "effectively a new player." The real triumph, [Vimeo's Abby] Morgan says, was figuring out how to speed up the server-side compositing of 150 moving parts so that users could record and save their own Muscle Music videos. The process they came up with is surprisingly fast; watch the progress bar load and it just gleefully declares "COMPUTER STUFF HAPPENING!" The player is not just a sweet new interactive toy; it marks a new phase of native brand integration for Vimeo, which has traditionally avoided advertising on the site, with the exception of a few sponsored contests (Canon's Beyond the Still) and branded pages

(Disclosure: The Dish and Vimeo are both owned by IAC)