Rupert Does Not Love Romney

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 30 2012 @ 6:23pm

Michael Wolff reports on the Murdoch primary:

Murdoch is in transit from his hard-core right-wing period. If he is stoutly pro-business (anti-regulation, anti-tax, anti-deficit), he is also pro-immigration, pro-gun control, pro-choice, actively focused on ways to improve the educational system, and tolerant, if not libertarian, on most social issues. In some sense, he is the kind of Republican Mitt Romney would be if Mitt Romney believed he could get elected as the real Mitt Romney—that is, Murdoch would mutter, if there is a real Mitt Romney.

And that’s the rub for Murdoch. This is what he means when he tells people, in perhaps the most negative characterization he can make, that "Romney is not a fighter." This is not an ideological point. In the Murdoch lexicon, "fighter" means character—and clarity.