Why Not Martinez?

A reader writes:

You asked during live-blogging last night why Romney didn't choose Susanna Martinez as veep. I was loosely following her after an excellent profile in Newsweek a few months ago. I began to like Martinez, but also feared her as a game-changing veep candidate – the anti-Palin. At least as far back as April, however, she was making public statements that veep was not something she was interested in at this stage of her life. She is focused on running her state and taking care of her family, which includes a disabled sister. This makes me like her even more.


I suppose that any dramatic step by Mitt Romney would be game-changing, but picking a female governor with 1.5 years of service in a small population state would bring with it immediate comparisons to … her.

Another points out:

Her grandparents were illegal immigrants, thereby defying the GOP's entire immigrant platform. No way to shore up white vote with a Latino who had her family come here illegally.

Update from a reader:

Turns out they probably did not immigrate illegally. And even if they did, I doubt it would be much of an issue, even for Republicans. I mean, it was over a century ago.