Anti-Obama Ads On The Dish

Anti-obama-ad Anti-obama-ad-2

A reader writes:

Perhaps you’re not aware that there is an ad by a Romney PAC running right now on the Dish that repeats his “Obama guts welfare” lie.  I appreciate you calling Romney out, but I suppose we are all now at the mercy of ad-placement bots that care only that you cover politics and have a lot of page-views.

Another notices different ads and sends the above screenshots:

It’s not necessarily that you should be offended over anti-Obama ads – you yourself feature criticism of the president and his policies all the time – but featuring them on the Dish just doesn’t make any sense from a business prospective, since nearly all your readers are pro-Obama (I remember your Urtak poll showed that 90% of readers voted for him last time around).

Ads are the only way to pay for the Dish if we do not ask you directly for money – and you see them roughly when I do. We can’t patrol them for political correctness, especially given the tough economics of the web right now. But thanks for the input. We’ll pass it along.