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Today on the Dish, Andrew live-blogged Tampa Day 3, tore into the "spectacular vacuousness" of Romney's speech, and, responding to Frum's speculation on Romney's foreign policy, doubted the nominee's backbone. Blogger reax of Romney's speech here and Twitter reax here.

In Tampa Day 2 coverage, Andrew eviscerated Paul Ryan's many lies, Suderman called Ryan out on Medicare, and readers reacted, weighing in on Susana Martinez, in particular. Fred Kaplan was miffed by McCain's and Rice's gall and Steve Coll dismissed Christie's leadership skills. Alex Blagg nominated Ryan for Boy Detective and Comedy Central evaluated the RNC joke success rate. And in the run-up to Romney's acceptance speech, Charlie Cook contended that the it was the most important of his campaign, Millman labeled Romney a leader that "nobody wants to follow," and a chart of the day presented the GOP concept of imminent threats.

Meanwhile, as the campaign aired a slew of Bain ads, Tim Dickinson revealed the extortionate style of Romney's negotiation for the bailout of Bain and readers asked whether the new evidence meant he "didn't build that." Tax experts proved that Romney's plan requires raising middle-class taxes and Matt Taibbi excoriated Romney as emblematic of "lunatic pursuit of instant borrowed millions." In other election coverage, Nyhan mulled the impact of fact-checking, Martin Wolff framed Murdoch's Romney dilemma, and Lindsey Graham lamented the loss of "angry white guys." Obama outflanked mainstream media via Reddit, CNN's camerawoman spoke out on racism at the RNC and Patrick Ruffini noted the marketing style of modern campaign-craft. Nate Silver ID'ed Ohio as a key swing state, a fake ad took "legitimate rape" to its logical extreme, and Michael Moore advised people to start practicing saying "President Romney."

In assorted coverage, Andrew called attention to Sandusky apologism from Father Benedict Groeschel and Syria's body count grew. Stephen Burd wanted a new student loan system, Matt Shafeek praised slow-build comedy, and while Kevin Carey reported on online education efforts, the digital natives were restless. Hanna Rosin discussed the upshot of the end of men, Hollywood exposed itself to piracy, pink flamingos roosted in suburbia and a fat reader cut into the tight workout clothing concept. As Isaac raged, a FOTD captured a displaced mother and child in Kentwood, Louisiana, and, on a brighter note, reporters weathered the hurricane hilariously. Old Spice swooning here, VFYW here and a Robert Herrick poem here.

– G.G.

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