The Buzzfeed Way

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From Marc Tracy's profile:

BuzzFeed has actually pulled off a neat trick. In recent years, the ascension of a new media company has typically been greeted by a lot of hand-wringing about the place’s ideology and how politics are growing increasingly partisan. People worry that one side will get all their news from Matt Drudge and Glenn Beck, and the other will retreat to some sort of Daily Kos-ian alternate reality, and never the twain shall meet.

But BuzzFeed makes those arguments seem kind of quaint.

True to its DNA, it mixes The Huffington Post’s populism with Politico’s obsession with the game to produce an endless stream of scooplets devoid of context or deep meaning. Every subject gets flattened, and politics, cats, lists, scoops, and jokes are all treated the same. It’s the reductio ad absurdum of political journalism, and, in Smith’s and Peretti’s minds, it’s exactly what people want. 

(Image of meat portraits by Jim Mercier, via Buzzfeed's Mark Duffy, "Because … who cares about the issues?")