The GOP’s Split Personality On Spending

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 31 2012 @ 8:21am

Greg Scoblete read the foreign policy section of the GOP platform. He was struck by "the platform's complete repudiation of the kind of limited government principles espoused in the domestic chapters of the platform":

At one point, rather amazingly, the platform slams President Obama's national security strategy as "budget-constrained." In other words, when it comes to the federal government's obligation to American citizen's welfare, education, infrastructure, etc. there must be a strict accounting (something, incidentally, I agree with), but at the water's edge, any and all budgetary concerns are literally not operable.

Larison chimes in:

"Limited government" is the phrase that big-government conservatives use to paper over the fact that they favor a powerful and activist federal government, albeit one with different spending priorities for the benefit of different interest groups.