What The Netanyahu Government Will Demolish In The West Bank

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 31 2012 @ 4:00pm

The homes and amenities of Palestinians who have lived there since before the illegal occupation:

Israel yesterday destroyed five cisterns and several tents, sheepfolds and storage sites in four Palestinian communities in the West Bank. During the process, the contents of several feed sacks were spilled and damaged.

Altogether, according to UN data, Israel razed some 400 Palestinian structures in the West Bank's Area C between the start of the year and mid-August, including 120 houses; more than 600 Palestinians were hurt by these demolitions. Area C is the part of the West Bank that the Oslo Accords assigned to full Israeli control.

The Israeli government says the homes and cisterns and wells and crops are illegal. Unlike all the Jewish settlements they are building around them. Seriously, if this were in the Balkans, would there be the same indifference?