Ad War Update: Pretending It’s 1980

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 4 2012 @ 7:57pm

The GOP has a slew of new web videos up in time for the Charlotte convention. Here's a particularly effective one from the RNC that compares the president's rhetoric in '08 and '12:

And here they use some Jimmy Carter footage to try and link him with Obama:

They're also out with a video based on Reagan's "are you better off?" re-tread [NYT], as well as this MoveOn-level lame attack on Obama's "bump in the road" line:

Over the weekend the Romney campaign released a highlight reel from the convention that revealingly omits any Eastwooding. The campaign put out a motion infographic as well, highlighting some Romney "build that" rhetoric and reminding voters how much Obama hates success:

From the other side, the Obama campaign is hitting Romney/Ryan on taxes in this seven-state TV ad claiming Romney will help the rich and hurt the middle (ad buy size currently unknown):

They also wonder, in this web video, what loopholes and IRA games Romney might be playing. Meanwhile, Obama makes the call to Kal "Kumar" Penn:

Mike Riggs isn't amused:

BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller says it is "perhaps the most direct appeal ever for the pothead vote"–as if all it takes to seduce marijuana users is a hastily made video that characterizes smokers as junkfood gobblers with pubescent attention spans. 

What's more insulting is that Obama would wink and nod at marijuana use for political gain while federal agents under his control raid the homes and businesses of people who operate state-legal medical marijuana businesses, threaten to seize the assets of landlords who rent to medical marijuana businesses, raid the homes and threaten the children of men and women who sell marijuana paraphenelia, and continue to obfuscate and denounce research that shows the medical uses of marijuana.  This video isn't an appeal, it's a half-hearted reach-around.

In outside spending news, though they're still lagging far behind their GOP rivals, the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA had its best fundraising month yet. Elsewhere, the Koch Brothers' dark money group, Americans For Prosperity, is out with another TV ad featuring a disappointed Obama voter, as well as this TV ad starring a Canadian who says the US healthcare system is better off without Obamacare:

Lastly, Christianist soldier Chuck Norris and his wife stir up the religious vote, warning of "1000 years of darkness":

This Chuck Norris video is more convincing:

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