Lobster Fish Sticks?

Jesse Ellison reports that Maine's lobster industry is being forced to get creative to sell off its massive inventory:

One solution: rebrand the lobster and convince people to eat more of it. Gov. Paul LePage kicked off the Maine Lobster Promotion Council’s new Lobster Lovers Celebration by declaring August "Maine Lobster Month." Meanwhile, a new TV spot asks Mainers to "get out and show your love for Maine lobster and support our local lobster industry." The ad shows a lobsterman giving a bouquet of the crustaceans to his girlfriend and ends with lobsters on the beach in the shape of a heart. Plans are underway for a similar campaign on the national level. In mid-August the Maine Lobster Advisory Council, a group of fishermen who work with the state to protect the industry, unanimously agreed on a $3 million marketing push that they hope will have the same revitalizing effect that the "Got milk?" ads had on the dairy industry.

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