Latter Days

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 4 2012 @ 12:15pm

Malise Ruthven explores the apocalyptic mind, using Mormonism as an example of its surprising effects – particularly, as I worry, in foreign policy, where it can unite with Netanyahu's paranoia and the Christianist vision of the End-Times: 

Earlier this year Yuval Diskin, retiring director of Israel’s internal security service Shin Beit, criticized Netanyahu and his defense minister Ehud Barak for threatening military action against Iranian nuclear facilities, stating he had no faith in a leadership that makes decisions based on "messianic feelings."… In June, Romney, when questioned on US television about foreign policy, suggested—astonishingly—that an attack on Iran was a question of survival for the United States: "We cannot survive a course of action [that] would include a nuclear Iran. We must be willing to take any and all actions." Though Mormons have retreated from the position that the Great Tribulation preceding return of Jesus is due any day, many still keep a year’s supply of food in their cellars—just in case.