Obamacons In The Fight

A quote that gladdens the heart:

Romney is the opposite of conservative, with a plan that is fiscally reckless and a foreign policy that is unnecessarily militant. Obama has done about the best that could have been done, considering the united GOP opposition in Congress. My questions about Obamacare and my disappointment that we are not already out of Afghanistan are not enough to make me embrace a candidacy that even George W. Bush would have been repelled by—and, having had time to reflect on his own record, perhaps is.

That's Wick Allison, former publisher of National Review under William F. Buckley, current publisher of The American Conservative, and (full disclosure) father of Maisie, one of our most recent Dishterns.

I'm struck by how many Obamacons have stuck by him. I feel more passionately about his re-election this year than his election back in 2008. Part of it is that I have long believed his long game can only truly bear fruit over eight years, and this was obvious from the get-go. The other part is that, as I predicted, the GOP has gotten much worse rather than better in reaction to its defeat in 2008 and in misreading the mid-terms of 2010.

The main obstacle to progress in this country, in my view, is the most radical right mainstream party in the West, when the times demand more rather than less government action. In order to restore some kind of actual conservatism to current Republican fanaticism, they need to be defeated handily. Even then, it may take longer for them to climb down from their crazy tree – remember it took the British Tories three lost elections before they came to their senses. But by adding Ryan to the ticket, Romney has ensured that the far right will not be able to blame defeat on a RINO candidate. They will have to accept that a teenage Randian vision of domestic society and a revolutionary militarist foreign policy are not acceptable options in a free and sane polity.