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Today on the Dish, Andrew's live-blogging of Day 1 of Charlotte concluded with praise for the Dems and for Michelle Obama's "centrist performance." Blogger reax here and Twitter reax here. Earlier, Andrew sketched out Obama's tactical opening on the budget, explained Bill Clinton's task and excoriated the Obama administration's whitewashing of CIA crimes. And after hailing the loyalty of Obamacons, Andrew ultimately still saw the race as Romney's to lose. In the run-up to this evening's speeches, Andrew Romano profiled Julian Castro, bloggers wondered how Michelle Obama might leverage her popularity, and Silver said polls produced a split verdict on the post-convention bounce.

Silver then reminded us of the Friday jobs report, and as Sarah Issenberg investigated campaigns' data ops, Seth Masket graphed Obama's ground game advantage. Meanwhile, readers contextualized Romney's "bilking" of the FDIC, Jared Bernstein broke down Romney's promise to create 12 million jobs and, in ads, the GOP unleashed a Carter-smear campaign. And as readers reacted to Wieseltier, it turned out Clint borrowed from a long history of empty chair-addressing.

On the international front, Stephen Walt disagreed with always leading from the front, while Meir Javedanfar accused Obama of damaging Iran. And as Frum predicted a global food shortage, Ansar Eddine wreaked havoc in Mali and Felix Salmon debunked the worry of hyperinflation. In assorted coverage, Andrew Solomon detailed the brutal choices of women impregnated by rape, Vonnegut brought marriage contracts down to earth, and exit signs bore a carbon footprint. Malise Ruthven explored the apocalypse through Mormonism, Jesse Ellison detailed Maine's foundering lobster industry and Hanna addressed boys' performance. VFYW contest here, FOTD here, MHB here, VFYW here, and don't miss our new indexing format, which today featured our ongoing coverage murderous felines.

– G.G.

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