The Other M-Word


Scott Morgan bets that no one at the Democratic convention will mention marijuana:

I’ve heard many Democrats address Obama’s handling of the marijuana issue by asking, “what do you expect?” and I’m happy to answer them. I expect change. Absent that, I expect an explanation. An explanation is something you ought to have when you’re arresting millions of people to protect them from a piece of plant material they put in their own pocket. The billions we spend trying to stop people from relaxing in this particular fashion should be subject to the same scrutiny as any other enormous amount of money our government spends, if not far more.

My solace is that they weren’t mentioning marriage equality four years ago – and now look where we are. The thing conservatives understand – and today’s Republicans don’t – is that in the end, reality wins. It’s just a matter of the terms of the peace treaty between reality and our delusions. I favor magnanimity.