In Lieu Of A Kennedy Hologram

Before the prime time speeches last night, the Democrats deployed a tribute video to Ted Kennedy that doubled as an attack on Romney, using footage from the pair’s 1994 Senate campaign. A clip is seen above, but the full video is here. Taegan Goddard called it “one of the more remarkable moments” of the night. The RNC chairman huffed:

Ezra wasn’t impressed with the outrage:

Brett Smiley adds:

Call it classless or crafty, the content of the video at least had the blessing of Joe Kennedy III, Ted Kennedy’s 31-year-old nephew who’s running for outgoing congressman Barney Frank’s seat. Kennedy III introduced the video, saying of his uncle: “Make no mistake he is here with us this evening.” And still campaigning!

This wouldn’t be the first time the Democrats have been inspired by Kennedy’s attacks on Romney. Back in July, Politico collected a bunch of his 1994 ads against Romney – notice any similarities?

Update from a reader:

The funniest part about Priebus’ response to the Kennedy video is that he apparently thinks it’s fine for a Hollywood actor to suggest that an imaginary Obama is telling Romney to “fuck off” during a prime-time convention speech, but to use footage of real people somehow lacks class.