The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew live-blogged the last day of the convention, calling Obama's speech a non-gamechanger. And as Nate Silver reviewed the poll numbers, Andrew projected an Obama bump – something bloggers did too. Meanwhile, readers pushed back on Andrew's Bowles-Simpson argument and the omens looked good for tomorrow's job numbers.

Reviewing Clinton's performance yesterday, as bloggers reacted, Nate Cohn called Clinton the "perfect surrogate" and Frum found Clinton's highlighting of Medicaid effective. Buzzfeed deconstructed Clinton's riffs, Jonathan Bernstein noted that Republicans aren't into Clinton types and Dave Noon charted GOP platform god cameos.

Earlier in the day, Obama's campaign pushed the gay thing, Krauthammer conspiracy theorized and Michael Scherer broke down what Obama must accomplish. Andrew Romano studied Mitt's unfavorability, and Kornacki wondered about the effectiveness of Warren's speech as readers weighed in as well. Hillary, meanwhile, didn't break the law, Frank burnished a gavel, and James Joyner insisted that vets don't need our pity. And as Michelle Obama's speech charmed China, content-mongerers hogged convention rights.

In election coverage, Andrew worried about our debt levels, Joe Klein lamented the potential for political paralysis and Romney's mug might help him win. And while Romney's campaign aired a Clinton-Obama-schism ad, Larison doubted Romney's foreign policy moderation.

Armstrong cheated, a robot raced and cars drove themselves. Hanna Rosin defended hook-up culture – and explained the wage gap. Geeta Dayal flagged research on headsets, sun and happiness decoupled, and Syria splintered.

VFYW here, MHB here and don't forget to ask Ta-Nehisi anything – and John Hodgman, too!

 - G.G.

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