An Imaginary Agenda

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 6 2012 @ 5:33pm

Blake Hounshell hopes Romney is a secret moderate on foreign policy. Larison is unconvinced:

This is a common interpretation of Romney’s foreign policy views. It relies on the belief that Romney’s stated positions are so foolish that no one would ever follow through on them. This requires us to believe that Romney will suddenly cease pandering to national security hawks once he takes office despite being surrounded by them, and that he will start off his administration by backtracking on most or all of his foreign policy commitments. Romney doesn’t seem inclined to roil his hawkish supporters on purpose, and he has so far demonstrated no hint of independent thought on these issues. If Romney has campaigned for "omni-directional belligerence," I don’t see how we can assume that he doesn’t intend at least to try to carry it out on a few issues.