God Enters The Race

He's for Romney, apparently. McKay Coppins reviews Mitt's weekend:

In the past 72 hours, Romney has endorsed the controversial conservative Iowa Congressman Steve King, appeared onstage with televangelist Pat Robertson, debuted a revamped stump speech with warnings of encroaching secularism at its center, and devoted substantial time to a hot dog-heavy photo-op at a NASCAR race. 

Yet the Romney camp somehow claims it is Obama who is "desperate to run a 'change the subject' campaign". The Friendly Atheist provides context for the God name-dropping:

Who knew President Obama was trying to get God out of the Pledge and money!? WOO! Finally, his latent atheism comes out!  … or Romney was referring to the Democrats excluding the word "God" from their platform. Even though they put it back in. And even though "faith" played a prominent role in the original platform the Dems released to the public.

Josh Marshall snarks:

Fear of Obama taking G-d off coins emerges as new reason Romney is hiding his money in Switzerland and the Caymans.