Ad War Update: A Moment Of Silence

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 11 2012 @ 6:22pm

An understandably light day for ads as both presidential candidates abstained from campaigning, but that doesn't mean the day has been politics-free:

Bill Clinton is campaigning in Florida later today for President Obama. It seems unlikely he'll give a full-throated version of the Charlotte convention speech, but it's still a campaign event. The campaigns' ads are down, although strategiests like David Axelrod are engaging on Twitter. Some Republican outside groups are still on the air, as is Richard Mourdock in Indiana. And on television, blocks of time were not carved out by most networks and stations for 9/11 remembrances. All of this would have been hard to imagine even two years ago. There is a sense, even in New York and Washington D.C., that there has been a shift in how the day is treated, one that came after the ten-year mark passed in 2011.

That being said, Rove's dark-money group Crossroads GPS did launch a $2.6 million offensive today against three Democratic Senate candidates: Tim Kaine (VA), Sherrod Brown (OH) and Shelley Berkley (NV). Here is one of the two ads going after Tim Kaine:

And here they hit Shelley Berkley with Medi-scare:

In combination up-ticket and down-ticket news, Paul Ryan is going to run ads in his House race in Wisconsin, possibly to help drive turnout in his district for his upper ticket, as it's unlikely his congressional opponent can win:

Ryan’s opponent in the 1st district is businessman Rob Zerban, who is believed to be a sizable underdog. Ryan is well-known in his district and has a lot more money in his campaign account. According to campaign finance reports filed in late July, he had more than 10 times as much money as Zerban. And a A Public Opinion Strategies poll conducted for Ryan’s campaign on Sunday and Monday showed the incumbent leading Zerban, 58 percent to 33 percent.

Lastly, it turns out that the Planned Parenthood ad we mentioned yesterday is actually part of a record ad buy for PP:

The ad buy, worth $3.2 million, comes as part of the largest-ever campaign effort for Planned Parenthood Votes. The group has already invested $1.4 million on ads in Iowa, Florida and Virginia.

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