Hathos Alert

Careful, this might compel you to vote Romney:

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It gets worse. From the creator:

To nearly everyone an RPM's a rev-per-minute. To me it's a Rosa Parks Moment. Her decision to remain seated in December '55 moved me to stand up in 2012. Like so many over the intervening years, I've taken inspiration from an unflinching American icon who said, "Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others." For me that seminal Moment occurred when Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke was viciously and repeatedly attacked on the air by a podium-pounding predator whose venomous remarks disgusted pretty much everyone within the sound of his voice. (I don't know Ms. Fluke or her assailant.) More to the point – that predator's driving the Republican bus and arguably no less menacing than the one Ms. Parks encountered 57 years ago.

Update from a reader:

To make matters worse, the students on the French barricades lost. This is a horrendous connection to make. Is Karl Rove making dirty tricks with showtunes now?