The Return Of Cheneyism, Ctd

Frum celebrates the effect of economic sanctions on Iran's currency:

Andrew asks, shouldn't I say that I support the Obama administration's policy then? The answer is: as that policy stands now, yes.

But let's not forget that the Obama administration had to be pushed and shoved against its will to implement the central bank sanctions now hitting so much hard – and that the real heroes of this story are Senators Mark Kirk of Illinois and Robert Menendez of New Jersey, who wrote the central bank sanctions law that the Obama administration has been constrained to adopt.

But what about after the election if Romney wins? Will David be arguing for war then? Or for more time and pressure?

My issue is that I don't agree with either Obama or Romney. The money question for me is whether containment can work. I think it can – and, by balancing Israel's massive nuclear monopoly could stabilize the Middle East. I'm working on a post on these lines – and have done so before – but there have been some new contributions to the debate between Krauthammer, Waltz and Keller. They all raise important points. The campaign has kept me from tackling the new debate more thoroughly yet.

But isn't it remarkable that Iran really hasn't become an issue in this campaign? Despite Netanyahu's constant fulminations. Americans' really don't want to invade another Middle Eastern country, with unknowable costs in the future.